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How to go to the forest and not be afraid of anything: Rules of safe recreation in nature

Country walks, hunting and fishing trips, mushroom and berry picking trips may not be safe. But you can avoid many risks, if you prepare a little for a walk in nature, gather in the woods and know where to take out insurance from a tick.

In order not to get lost.

You can get lost in three pines. The most important thing is not to panic if you realize that you are lost.

Preliminary preparation will also help:

Warn your family about your plans to fish, go to the woods to get mushrooms or walk in the fields behind the summer camp. Accurately report the place, set the time of call, talk about their actions if you do not get in touch.

Bring with you a charged phone (you can call emergency services without communication by dialing 112), protected from soaking a match (you will warm up with a fire and dry your belongings and can send a signal), a film or raincoat, a knife, a bottle of drinking water.

Make yourself visible by wearing bright clothes when you go out for a walk in the countryside. Don’t expect to be able to shout “au” for long – take a whistle with you.

So the wild beasts don’t attack.

The smoke of a fire, bright clothes, conversations and a whistle will scare away the forest dwellers. Careful animals will bypass a noisy and active person. Knocking on trees with a stick, knife on metal objects – these sounds will help those who are looking for you and will not let the animals get close to you.

In order not to get hurt by insect bites.

Insects do great damage to resting in nature. Always treat the body, face, hands and clothing with special products for flying blood-sucking insects. Take protective equipment with you – most of the sprays and ointments should be renewed, applying a second layer after 1-3 hours.

Some insects, such as ticks, are not helped by any means – they crawl under the clothes and bite unnoticed. You won’t feel the bite right away, but the consequences can be very serious. A tick vaccination or tick insurance provides some protection.

To be safe in the woods, it is better to take out tick insurance. Such an insurance policy will allow you to quickly extract the insect, get a doctor’s consultation, take the tick for a test, and the blood for analysis. You won’t think about whether you need tick insurance if you compare the cost of tick insurance with the price of all necessary medical services that can be obtained under this policy.

What is better than tick vaccination or insurance? Vaccination is late when the season is over and ticks can bite at any time, and insurance can be bought just before the trip to the forest to minimize the consequences of the bite.

The best tick insurance is family insurance, and you can include all your loved ones in one policy to make your family vacation in the countryside safe. In addition, there is no need to break the year where you get insurance from the tick – it is convenient to buy the policy online. Online insurance is made out on the site in a few minutes.

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