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Electronic Cigarette: prices and types

With the increasing popularity of vapes in Brazil, the demand for information on types and price of electronic cigarettes has increased significantly in recent times and it is always very important to take some factors into account before choosing any model.

After all, it is an electronic accessory and therefore the idea is that even works as expected and lasts for a long time, although it is necessary to invest a little more.

So, as good connoisseurs on the subject and always bringing legal tips from the vaper universe, we decided to prepare a post with complete information about types, costs and price of electronic cigarettes in Brazil. Shall we check it out?

After all, electronic cigarettes are all the same?

Definitely not! For those who are starting on steam or just know the practice by far, they may think that there is only one model of e-cigarro and the only thing that changes would be the design of the devices. However, it’s not quite like that!

There are different types of electronic cigarettes on the market, from disposable to the most complete and robust. To exemplify better, we have separated a list with the 3 main models available and that are usually used by vapers around the world. Check there!

Cigalike (disposable)

Also called a gypsyke, this type usually has the same shape as a conventional cigarette and is considered the “father” of electronic cigarettes, since it has been on the market for a long time and the idea was to resemble, at best, the original style, with the right color filter and light at the tip, imitating combustion.

The disposable cartridges are sold ready and the durability is much lower than the more modern models, which made the gypsy fall into disuse over time. Moreover, most of them do not allow refilling with e-liquids, which loses a bit of fun.

Electronic cigarette Ego (pen)

Another type of electronic cigarette is the so-called Ego, or popularly known as pen, due to its appearance with the object. With a greater capacity than the previous one, this e-cigarro is also old known by the vapers for its practicality and the possibility of replenishing the juices.

With a simple and easy to use design, the Egos can be indicated to beginners by the question of low cost in relation to the more advanced and, consequently, more expensive. The device is medium to adapt to the practice of vaporization and has a reasonable durability, in which the cartridges can last up to two days of use.

Electronic Cigarette Mod (intermediate and advanced)

Now, yes, we are talking about vapes… say, more professional! With more capacity and even different functionalities, Mods are those bigger and more robust e-cigs, almost always with a rectangular appearance.

In most of these e-cigars, the compartments (read: atomizer / atty / atomizer / tank) for the juices are very similar to the e-cig-ego clearomizers and can be refilled as often as you think necessary.

Among some of the main differences of this type of electronic cigarette are extra features of markers, temperature and power controls.

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