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Outdoor Games

You don’t know what to do in the summer? Come on, it can’t be that! And if you do have a sudden apathy, this article will tell you how to have fun with your children.

Summer is a time of non-stop fun. The main advantage of this time of year: to have a good time, it is enough just to go outside. All of us have a yard or a summer residence, and there is no need for more.

Here, too, you can have a great time and have a real holiday for your children and neighbors. You just need to have a couple of relatively straight hands and a reserve of enthusiasm.

Street Twister

It’s cool, isn’t it? You determine the size of the playing field and the size of the colored circles depending on the age of the participants. To make it more comfortable for children, you can make smaller circles. It’s all prepared in an elementary way: on the asphalt it’s easiest to draw with colored chalk (so as not to dirty your hands, just mark the contours of the circles, not paint them completely).

If you are ready to take a risk with your lawn, there are water-based paints on sale that will be washed away by rain. Draw circles of the same size will help to draw a cardboard box, in the bottom of which the corresponding hole is cut out.

Tricky hands.

The step-by-step master class, which is easy to understand without translation, will help you prepare everything you need in no time. The rules are simple: players take turns pulling sticks, trying to do it so that all the balls stay in place.

The winner is the one who eventually gets less balls. You’ll find the inventory at home or in a construction store, and it’s all cheap. You can take bamboo sticks, they are often used as a support for flowers.

Falling Tower

It’s all clear here, too: we take turns removing the pieces of wood from whoever’s tower collapses loses. Actually, for the game only bars and need. Approximate length – 25 cm, the total number – 48 pieces.

In a construction store buy thick enough boards, saw and sand, and then there are options: you can leave them in their original form, and you can paint (only the ends, entirely or generally paint patterns).

Tarpaulin bouncers

The game requires a firm hand and a remarkable accuracy, and for its preparation only a piece of tarpaulin and colored tape are needed.

In the tarpaulin you cut holes of different shapes and sizes (the smaller, the more interesting they are), paste their edges with colored tape and assign their value in glasses to each hole. The winner is the one who gets the maximum number of points for 10 throws.

Throw in the ring.

Make your own ring stand or just use what’s around you, even the branches of a tree. Remember: the further away from the target the player is, the more interesting it is.

Tilt races

For this game, you’ll need nuddles, swimming sticks and water aerobics. They are sold in sporting goods stores. Buy such a stick and carefully cut along. Completely separate the halves from each other is not necessary, enough that they opened in the manner of the book.

Then cut through the longitudinal grooves even more carefully in each half. Mark the start and finish lines with flags – the track is ready! Ride on it can as toy cars of the appropriate size, and simply glass balls.

Treasure hunting

Unfortunately, today children spend little time outdoors, but this game will fix it. We are making a list of treasures that players will need to collect. Bumps, different kinds of flowers, leaves, branches of unusual shape, something round, triangular or square, objects of red, green or yellow color.

Print these lists and stick them on paper bags, and hand over the bags to the trackers. The winner is the one who first collected all the items from the list.

A precise throw

With the help of a drill and screws we attach a pair of buckets of different sizes to a long board, and put it vertically (you can simply lean against the wall). For hitting the ball in each of the buckets is awarded a certain amount of points. The smaller the bucket, the more points you get.

An obstacle course

That’s where you can let your fantasy run its course! You can use everything you can to create a full obstacle course: old tyres, stairs, ropes, buckets… Children have fun, and you rest while waiting for them at the finish line with a stopwatch.

Bottle bowling

Great game for both kids and adults. From the necessary: 10 plastic bottles, paint and tennis ball. Paint the bottles and ball (to make it look real) and let them dry well. Then fill the bottles with water – the pins are ready.

Sticks in action

We’re gonna need more nuds here. With their help, children should throw as many balloons as possible into the plastic basket. Simple, but quite fun.

Zero-notch crosses

In contrast to the usual paper version, the street version provides much greater freedom in the choice of inventory. You can take a large pebble or wooden solids and paint them, or you can do without any improvised items.

Stick Olympics

And nuddles again. The main advantage of these things is that you can do anything with them. At least bend, at least fold into a ring – they will withstand any treatment. For the construction of improvised sports facilities is not better material to find.

Precise throw 2.0

An improved version of the game. Throw the balls into the tin cans, which are fixed on a branch with the help of a chain. The rules are the same: for hitting each can is given a certain amount of points, who gets the most – the good guy. The banks sway, so hitting the target isn’t that easy.


The usual game becomes much more interesting if the participants are not on the ground, but on the overturned milk crates or hemps. It is necessary to show not only strength, but also considerable agility.

Ice riches

In the heat of the day, it’s gonna make the kids very excited. Freeze in a large container of water with toys and all sorts of trifles. Do it in layers so that the treasures do not sink to the bottom. Give the children a hammer and screwdriver – in the next half hour they will have something to do.

Darts with balloons

The name speaks for itself. Inflate the balloons with tape or stapler and attach them to the board. There’s a lot of noise and more fun.

Floor games

The rules are the same as in traditional tablets, but instead of toy figures there are people, and a bigger cube. By the way, it can be made out of an ordinary box, covered with colored paper. Draw a chalk path to go through and put all the necessary marks: step back, two steps forward, return to the start.

Precise throw 3.0

Even harder, even more interesting. The buckets and cans are replaced by a ladder. The rest of the conditions are the same: each step is assigned a cost in points, you need to dial as much as possible. Ball is not suitable here, so sew a small bag and fill it with beans, rice or buckwheat. To save time, even an old sock will do.

Games with light

If it gets dark, it’s no reason to go home. Neon sticks, which are sold in the department of festive goods, will help to prolong the fun. Attach them to the edges of buckets or cans, so you and your children can play even late at night.