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Picnic in Nature

The best picnic in nature: ideas, menus, delicious dishes

Everyone needs unloading and rest. You want to go away from the bustle of the metropolises and enjoy the scenic nature, birds singing and fresh air. In the warm season, a picnic with your family or friends in the countryside is the perfect solution.

A holiday in nature can be organized in honor of a festive event or just for the soul, without reason. The main thing is to think about this day correctly, to take with you all the necessary things and products for a snack.

There is always a serious appetite in the fresh air, so the choice of the menu should be approached with special responsibility: to count the number of guests, to take into account the age of holidaymakers, their taste preferences, as well as the total time that is planned to be spent at the picnic.

In the article we will consider the options of picnics and holidays in nature, what to include in the menu, what products and dishes to take with you, what you can cook outdoors, what rules to follow.

Ideas for outdoor recreation

To prevent a picnic in nature from becoming a standard meal, organize this day in a special way. Identify interesting topics, make an entertainment program and try to find a menu that meets the direction invented.

For example, to have a rest with a group of friends in the countryside you can organize a fascinating thematic picnic “a la 60’s”, “barber’s rest”, American-style picnic or a picnic party.

Planning a vacation with your family or alone with your loved one you can make a plan of rest according to such scenarios: A “romantic picnic”, “village style”, “French style”, or oriental style.

All the attributes, your outfits and menus should correspond to the chosen theme. Perhaps, it will take more time to prepare for such a rest, but the thematic picnic will leave a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable memories.

Thematic picnics

If you decide to spend a thematic vacation in nature “a la 60’s”, you will have to prepare for the journey such accessories: plaids and tablecloths, an old receiver, ceramic dishes, samovar.

The menu includes vegetables, homemade products, fresh meat kebabs, eggs, cheese, bread and sausages for making sandwiches. It is better to give preference to natural juices and berry morses from drinks. Alcohol is homemade wine. Everything should be traditional, without modern delicacies and drinks.

For an American-style picnic, a dress code is important – a hat, a cowboy checkered shirt, and worn jeans. In the menu include products that are relevant for American cuisine. You can make a list of dishes from the “fast food” category and limit yourself to fresh hamburgers, French fries or grill meat.

Sweet soda, priority coca-cola, strong coffee in thermoses, beer are preferred. And don’t forget to take a guitar and a person for a picnic, who can organize a fascinating musical evening in a purely American style.

Family or friends traveling out of town

A romantic picnic in the countryside is an ideal option for organizing a vacation in a company with a loved one. It is important to create a unique atmosphere that encourages romance and honesty.

Candles, tablecloths with delicate patterns or hearts, beautiful flutes and porcelain dishes can be used for table decoration. Now you need to make the right menu.

For a romantic picnic you can cook baked chicken with tender sauce, appetizing tartlets with cheese mousse and red caviar or fruit stuffing, cheese, meat, vegetables and fruits. You can also choose a delicious dessert – tender biscuits, mini eclairs with apricot confit, cherry pies, pancakes with cottage cheese and apricots, etc.

Drinks for romantic rest in nature are chosen according to taste preferences. It is advisable not to abuse alcohol or limit yourself to a glass of dry wine.

Making a picnic menu

So, if you’ve decided on the theme of the picnic, it’s time to think about the main thing – what kind of food and drinks should be prepared for a pleasant vacation in nature. Choose fresh and natural products for cooking.

Salads and snacks

It is better to choose fresh products for the nature rest and to cook the planned dishes already at the picnic. You can make some preparations at home, place the prepared ingredients in food containers.

Salads and picnic snacks:

  • fresh red cabbage salad with radish and apple;
  • ham and cheese roll;
  • vegetable salad with feta cheese;
  • vegetable roll of lavash;
  • bacon and vegetable rolls;
  • Fresh fruit fitness salad;
  • Greek salad;
  • Tabule salad;
  • Fresh salad with pumpkin seeds;
  • Grilled pickled vegetables.

Sandwiches and slices

Sandwiches and a picnic cut are best prepared on site. You should bring a sharp knife, a cutting board and ingredients.

Sandwiches and picnic cuts:

  • Vegetable slices;
  • cheese, meat plate;
  • Bruschetta with cream cheese and tomatoes;
  • Bruschetta with liver and vegetable pate;
  • mini burgers with different fillings (bacon, pork cutlet, beef, cheese);
  • sandwiches with baked vegetables, ham and chicken fillets;
  • sandwiches with olive paste and eggs;
  • avocado pasta sandwich;
  • a trickster with cheese and eggplants.

To organize a picnic in the countryside you can also buy ready-made food products, which you can see in our catalog. Decorate the table and satisfy the guests’ appetite with exquisite canap├ęs, rolls and roast beef with vegetables, pistachios and sesame.

Drinks, pastries and desserts

On a picnic you should take clean drinking water, and in large quantities, relying not only on quenching thirst, but also for washing hands. You should also include delicious drinks and dessert in the menu.

What you can take to nature:

  • fruit juice;
  • fresh berry morsel;
  • Classic lemonade with lime;
  • spicy non-alcoholic mulled wine;
  • Tea, coffee in a thermos;
  • fresh pastries – cupcakes, fruit pie, croissants, pies, cookies.


As a tasty and healthy dessert we recommend ordering a fruit basket with juicy exotic fruits and farm gifts.

In the catalogue you will find fruit assortment, exotic fruits, watermelons, melons, grapes, peaches, plums, citrus fruits, etc.

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What to cook on fire, except kebabs

The main tradition of outdoor recreation is cooking delicious dishes on fire. In addition to the classic kebab, you can also cook other, no less appetizing dishes on the campfire.