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Family getaways in Aragón

Travel is one of the leisure activities preferred by many people and when a new member arrives in the family, they try to continue getting to know new places in a different way. Travelling with children becomes a special way of travelling the world for those who have previously travelled as a couple, alone or with their parents and close relatives. That’s why Aragón is the best place to live these new adventures with your family.

Although you have already travelled to the region, you can discover another Aragon with activities designed for all audiences, from theme parks, through activities in contact with nature or the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. Undoubtedly, an endless number of possibilities that make this territory a perfect place for the next getaway.

The animal world and children, a perfect combination in a family trip

Animals are one of the main claims for children on any family day. Parks with animals, farms or natural places are the perfect scenario to spend a day with the youngest.

In Aragon you can visit the Lacuniacha Fauna Park, located in Piedrafita de Jaca. The park has a forest of 30 hectares in which wild animals such as reindeer, bison or Iberian wolves. In addition, one of the advantages of this park is that it is open every day of the year, so any date is a good time to go.

Aragon not only has animals living in a Pyrenean environment but also offers visitors the opportunity to observe other creatures in the Zaragoza Aquarium. This large freshwater fish tank is the largest in Europe. The children will have a great time discovering the more than 200 specimens that it houses, coming from the five great rivers of the world.

Another option to be in contact with domestic animals is to visit the farms that are distributed among the three provinces of Aragon. In them the youngest will be able to milk the cows, collect the eggs laid by the chickens, feed the rabbits and clean the donkeys.

The Laguna de Gallocanta Nature Reserve is another of Aragón’s natural attractions. From November to February the reserve welcomes all kinds of birds that come to spend the cold season next to the lagoon. So, prepare your binoculars and be careful, as the probability of seeing a particular species increases.

In addition to this reserve, Aragon has many centres where you can learn about birds, such as the Casa de los Buitres (Huesca), the Centro de la Naturaleza Alberca de Alboré or the Reserva Natural del Galachos de la Alfranca (Zaragoza), among others.

Multi-adventure activities to download adrenaline

Aragon has a complete program of multi-adventure activities. A perfect mixture of fun and sport are at the disposal of the visitor to discover the wildest places of this land.

Boat trips, paddle surfing or tree climbing are some of the activities you will be able to do in the White Water Canal and the Zaragoza Multi-adventure Park.

Tirolinas and hanging bridges can be found in Gabarda Aventura, in Alberuela de Tubo.

And a great catalogue with numerous activities are waiting for you in other of the Adventure Parks of Aragon like: Adventure Farm in Barbastro, Adventure Pyrenees Ecopark El Juncaral in Villanúa, Adventure Biescas or Adventure Albarracín and Adventure Circuits in Murillo de Gállego in Huesca.

Cultural activities with children in Aragon

Another attraction of Aragon for a family trip are its museums, theme parks and other cultural activities.

Children will have a great time in Dinópolis, a theme park dedicated to the dinosaurs that inhabited the planet millions of years ago. During the tour through this space you will distinguish the different species and learn about their ways of life and customs.

Aragon has a great variety of museums aimed especially at children. During a family trip you can visit: the Albarracín Toy Museum, the Casa Pirenaica de los Títeres and the Abizanda Popular Theatre, the Jaca Citadel Miniature Museum, with a collection of more than 8,000 figurines of lead soldiers, the Zaragoza Fire and Fire Museum, the Zaragoza Origami Museum School and Dinópolis, a theme park in Teruel dedicated to dinosaurs, among others.

And for lovers of astronomy, Aragon offers a wonderful planetarium: the Aragonese Astronomical Centre, in Huesca. In this enclosure you will find a globe of 10 meters and you can enjoy projections on a 360º screen. I’m sure the whole family will like this plan.

Family Trekking in the Community of Aragón

Another of the favourite activities to do with the family in Aragon is hiking. Thousands of kilometres of paths to walk among wonderful natural landscapes and practice one of the healthiest activities.

There are countless routes in the three provinces that discover an unparalleled natural site such as the Camino Natural and galachos de La Alfranca in Zaragoza or Rio Linares and Arquero waterfall in Puertomingalvo, Huesca.

Take the opportunity to put the swimsuit in the backpack, because children will want to take a dip when they see the many waterfalls, pools and lakes that you will find on your way. And what better than a good bath in the middle of nature!

For all these reasons, Aragon is the perfect place for a getaway with children, thanks to a range of experiences that, from now on, will always be part of your dreams.